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Pricing Grid for Helium Blimps and Specifications

Size Cubic Feet Height Net lift Wind Resist Visibility Helium Price
15' blimp 220 5 feet 4 lbs. 15 mph. 1/2 mile + 1 tank $2295
20' blimp 380 7 feet 11 lbs. 25 mph. 1 mile + 1.5 tanks $2795
24' blimp 750 8 feet 50 lbs. 30 mph. 2 miles + 2.75 tanks $3795
26' blimp 800 8 feet 65 lbs. 30 mph. 3 miles + 3 tanks $4195

Top Quality Materials

All of our advertising blimps are made with heavy duty nylon material that works indoor and outdoors. We use the best components
and materials to ensure quality products that last for years. Do not be fooled by lower priced "PVC" advertising blimps- they will not last.

All Advertising Blimps Include:

• One (1) white urethane-coated nylon blimp
• Attractive logo on both sides of the blimp*
• 200-foot tether line
• Four (4) Stabylcoat urethane tail fins*
• Patch kit
• Inflation hose
• One year warranty

* Standard paint & tail fin colors are red and blue - additional colors will be an extra $75.00 per color and $125 for other color fins.

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Optional Features

California Blimps - Remote Controlled Airships

Remote Controlled Advertising Airships
California Blimps Remote Controlled Airships are the perfect choice for exhibition fairs, inaugurations, sporting events, etc. They are 100% safe and can be operated very close to the audience. Our ships incorporate unconventionality and technology to the client's image and always become the center of attention.

Call for Pricing

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California Blimps - Solid Color Blimps

Solid Color Advertising Blimps
Add color to the sky with a solid colored blimp. Special paints provide a vibrant and durable finish to your blimp.

Prices: 15'-$400, 20'-$500, 24'-$700, 26'-$700
(Solid color body)

California Blimps - Light Systems

Light Systems
The optional lighting system turns your advertising blimp into a 500-watt nighttime attraction. Outdoor nighttime marketing at its best!

Price: $400

How It Works
The system includes a 200-foot cord and bulb and installs easily into the belly of the blimp. The cord plugs into a standard electrical outlet.

California Blimps - Banners

Advertising Banners
The optional advertising banners allow you to promote special events. All advertising banners are lightweight and include your custom message on one side. The advertising banners come in two different sizes: 5' x 9' or 7' x 9'.

Prices: $350 (5 x 9) $400 (7 x 9)

California Blimps - Velcro Attachments

Velcro Advertising Attachments
If you want inner-changeable messages, this option is for you. Special advertising banners that attach to the body of the blimp allow you to replace messages as needed without painting the body of the blimp.

Prices: 20'-$175, 24' & 26'-$225

Prices do not include banners. See banner prices above.
Not available on 15' blimps.


Promotional Advertising Blimps offer a way to get "sky high" advertising visibility for retailers, corporations, auto dealerships and other business needing more COST-EFFECTIVE exposure and GREATER MONTHLY REVENUE!

At first glance it may seem like an unusual way to advertise. Yet,'s durable easy-to-use Helium Advertising Blimps create an unbeatable way to increase your walk-in traffic and sales at a fraction of traditional advertising costs.

Advertising Blimps
Helium Blimps
Promotional Blimps
Trade Show Blimps
Aerial Blimps

Make your location a Landmark for new customers!

Imagine your own billboard at 10-15 stories above your location.
Maximize your greatest asset, and biggest investment - your location.
California Blimps offers the lowest U.S. prices as we do not attend expensive trade shows that ultimately drive-up cost to buyers.
What other advertising can you buy that will increase your sales 10-30% on a one-time investment?
Most customers come from a 2-mile radius of any business- Advertising Blimps attract people as they are mobile surrounding your business.
Local retail advertising (Newspaper, TV, Radio, Direct Mail) is generally a poor investment because prying people off the couch at home tough!
Advertising Blimps offer an amazing direct-response tool.

Helium Advertising Blimps

Would you like to turn your business into a landmark for residents and prospective customers? Helium advertising blimps are great advertising tools for making your target audience aware of your business and interested in what it has to offer.

Our helium advertising blimps are designed to generate maximum visibility for your company’s marketing message, giving you a cost-effective marketing channel that is perfect for generating serious results.

When used effectively to promote your latest sale or special deal, advertising blimps can outperform direct mail, print advertising, TV and radio by extending your retail signage for blocks or miles.

Turn your business into a Local Landmark

Can you imagine the effects of a giant billboard floating 10 to 15 stories above your retail store or business location? The key to effective advertising is visibility, and it’s hard to think of any marketing tool more visible than a helium advertising blimp.

Our high quality advertising blimps sit 10-15 stories above your business, giving it the ultimate tool for attracting customers and making passersby aware of its latest special deals and offers.

Visible from up to two miles away from your store, an advertising blimp can act as a powerful marketing magnet, drawing in customers and making the public aware of your company’s products or services and selling points.

Outstanding ROI that beats Print, Radio and TV

Marketing isn’t just about visibility – it’s also about ensuring your company achieves the best possible return on investment. With the right message, advertising blimps can outperform print, radio and television marketing on an ROI basis.

As well as generating a greater short-term ROI for your business, advertising blimps are fantastic tools for increasing brand recognition and building a loyal audience of people who are aware of your business, its offers and its location.

Better yet, our helium advertising blimps don’t just work well on their own – they’re also fantastic when used alongside traditional advertising campaigns.

Benefit from a real synergy between print, radio and TV advertising and your marketing blimps. Buy a Blimp, Advertising Blimp, Blimp for Sale, Helium Advertising Blimp.

Make it easy for Potential Customers to discover your business

Would you like to make an impression and increase awareness of your retail store or location in your neighborhood? Visible from up to two miles away, blimps are an effective marketing tool for making everyone in the area aware of your store.

Retailers that use helium advertising blimps stand out from the crowd and attract a massive amount of attention. From traffic to passersby, anyone in the area can’t help but notice your company’s advertising blimp and become aware of your location.

From branding your business as the local leader in its category to making each and every visit to your retail location an event for customers, helium advertising blimps are a valuable marketing asset for your business.

Help your company Stand Out from the crowd

Would you like to increase your retail location’s traffic, increase awareness of your business and generate a great ROI from your marketing? Our advertising blimps are powerful and highly effective marketing assets for all retail businesses.

Whether you’d like to promote a sale or special event, increase awareness of your business or simply stand out from the crowd, out helium advertising blimps are the ideal way to help your business achieve its marketing goals.

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