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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you the manufacturer?
A. Yes, most blimp companies are distributors, but California Blimps is a manufacturer that supplies blimps to many distributors. Some companies buy blank blimps from other countries. They will paint your logo on the blimp and claim to be the manufacturer, but they are not. You will save time and money buying directly from the manufacturer.

Q. What kind of material is used to make the blimp?
A. We use nylon material - it is the better and more durable material. The price of PVC blimps can be cheaper, but you get what you pay for.

Q. How long have you been in business?
A. California blimps has been in business since 1994. New companies come and go, so make sure your blimp company is here to stay.

Q. Who are some of your customers in my area?
A. California blimps has been satisfying customers throughout the world since 1994. Chances are that we can give you references in your area.

Q. What are advertising blimps filled with?
A. Helium (see our Helium Locator link to find a dealer near you).

Q. How long does the helium last?
A. This depends on the air temperature and how much the temperature fluctuates during the day. On average, the helium will last 2-4 days and then it needs to be topped off. Topping off the blimp means adding a small amount of helium if the blimp looks too soft.

Q. How long do the blimps last?
A. On average, blimps will last 3 years. This depends on weather conditions, frequency of usage, and how well the blimp is handled and maintained.


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